What is Human Health Watch?

We are designing an IT-tool (Web-Service and an App) which will provide users with medical statistics – special customized research on topic regarding how other people did overcome a similar illness. Human Health Watch is a universal medical tracker with the elements of a social network. Patients (or doctors upon request of patients) will put all their illness symptoms, test results and other details into special forms. Users will have their health histories, which will allow them to see trends and provide children with full medical map of their parents.

At the later stages, when these forms have been filled-in by many people, users will have an overall picture of people’s health, personalized life expectancy, trends in the Health Care and a relative view of the health of mankind. Our fund raising company’s objective is to collect the money needed for the design of Human Health Watch, a revolutionary new IT-tool.

Why do you need Human Health Watch?

Ability to always be able to get any details about their health history (no need to request any medical institution for data)
Provide doctors with all information about health history in case of emergency, accidents, etc
Use you medical tracker while travelling – the multilingual interface will be clear for all doctors in any part of the world
To have a full set of records related to your previous diseases, treatments and all medical test results. You won’t forget what medication helped you the most!
Ability to build and keep a track record of your family/region health history map
To have the option of getting statistical records of treatment of similar/alternative treatments from other users
Get a personal life expectancy estimate based on your health tracking/life style details

Why mankind does need Human Health Watch?

To be more healthy, strong and competitive as a biological kind
To analyze modern trends in people’s health
To decrease health care expenditures (because of more precise treatment)

Your health watchers,

Leonid Zyabrev


Viktor Sinenko

Medical Records APP

How did we come up with the idea?

In Bill Gates book, Business @ the Speed of Thought, we noticed the success story of two people who managed to win their battles against prostate cancer. Hamilton Jordan, President Carter’s chief of staff, “used the Internet to become an expert on his illness and took an active role in treating it.” The Chairman of Intel, Andy Grove, was also forced to become an expert. “After going online to see what information was available about the various medical approaches, he quickly realized that there were no valid comparative studies. Ever the scientist, he wrote his own comparative study from raw data!”

Later Bill Gates summarized: “Jordan, with a family history of prostate cancer, chose surgery. Grove, with a different history and circumstance, chose a combination of general and ‘smart bomb’ radiation therapy. The important thing is that with good medical advice and their own research, both men made informed decision by themselves”.

Unfortunately, not all people are able to make their own research!

Only you are fully interested in your health care

We don’t want to question the how doctors and pharmacists decide about treatments for their patients. At the same time we really don’t know what the specific motivations of any medical professional may be for prescribing you a certain medicine.

The majority of Health Care personnel are driven by good intentions to help patients, yet other motives are also possible. Pharmacists want to sell modern, but more expensive medicals. There may be no motivation for them to offer older and cheaper pills which could also be effective and help? It may also be a case where there is no need in pills at all and herbs could provide the same relief? True motives of other people are unknown to other – this is a reality. The only party truly interested in the health care of a person for 100% is that person him/herself.

Each patient should have an alternative expert source of information – not just a doctor’s or pharmacists’ opinion. Which source? We believe it should be the Health Care Statistics from other people.

Health Care needs its Uber, Facebook and Bitcoin

The IT revolution made possible self-regulation of many areas of our lives that don’t require external controls any longer. Uber doesn’t need any external input while contacting drivers and passengers. Facebook easily will find people with the same interests all over the world. Even the financing sector, the most regulated part of the economy, has Bitcoins which provides people with an alternative way of paying for goods and services without involving a government and a central bank. These and many other information technology services provide opportunity to satisfy the needs of people using modern IT-tools.

Probably the only part of our life, which doesn’t have a self-regulated IT tool, is Health Care. For specific reasons: any decision in this field might have crucial consequences for peoples’ health, and even their lives. Patients prefer to get medical advice from doctors and pharmacists who have highly specialized educations and are licensed by the government to give medical advice and provide treatment.